Oracle DBA Training in Houston

Course Duration: Around 40+ hours Training + Assignments + – 4-8 weeks                     

Training Materials: All attendees will receive,

  • Video recording of every session
  • Notes and study material for examples covered.


  • Any graduate

Training Format:

This course is delivered as a highly interactive session, with extensive live examples. This course is Live Instructor led Online training delivered using Cisco Webex Meeting center Web and Audio Conferencing tool.

Timing: Weekdays and Weekends after work hours.

Training Highlights:

  • Focus on Hands on training with lot of assignments, practice exercises and quizzes based on Actual Projects
  • Assignments after each session. Video Recording after every session.
  •  Live Sessions and mock interviews and help on resume preparation
  • We are providing class with highly qualified trainer.
Oracle DBA Training at Affordable Cost

Oracle DBA Training in Houston

We have Online/Classroom Sessions

Introduction (Database Architecture)   

  • Describe course objectives & Unix basics
  • Explore the Oracle 10g database architecture

Managing the Oracle Instance 

  • Start and stop the Oracle database and components
  • Access a database with SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus
  • Modify database initialization parameters
  • Understand the stages of database startup
  • View the Alert log
  • Use the Data Dictionary

Managing Database Storage Structures           

  • Describe table data storage (in blocks)
  • Define the purpose of tablespaces and data files
  • Understand and utilize Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
  • Create and manage tablespaces
  • Obtain tablespace information
  • Describe the main concepts and functionality of Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

Administering User Security   

  • Create and manage database user accounts
  • Authenticate users
  • Assign default storage areas (tablespaces)
  • Grant and revoke privileges
  • Create and manage roles
  • Create and manage profiles
  • Implement standard password security features
  • Control resource usage by users

Managing Schema Objects      

  • Define schema objects and data types
  • Create and modify tables
  • Define constraints
  • View the columns and contents of a table
  • Create indexes, views and sequences
  • Explain the use of temporary tables
  • Use the Data Dictionary

Managing Data and Concurrency         

  • Manage data through SQL
  • Identify and administer PL/SQL Objects
  • Describe triggers and triggering events
  • Monitor and resolve locking conflicts

Managing Undo Data   

  • Explain DML and undo data generation
  • Monitor and administer undo
  • Describe the difference between undo and redo data
  • Configure undo retention
  • Guarantee undo retention
  • Use the undo advisor

Implementing Oracle Database Security          

  • Describe DBA responsibilities for security
  • Apply the principal of least privilege
  • Enable standard database auditing
  • Specify audit options
  • Review audit information
  • Maintain the audit trail

Configuring the Oracle Network Environment 

  • Use Enterprise Manager for configuring the Oracle network environment
  • Create additional listeners
  • Create Net Service aliases
  • Configure connect-time failover
  • Control the Oracle Net Listener
  • Test Oracle Net connectivity
  • Identify when to use shared versus dedicated servers

Proactive Maintenance

  • Use statistics
  • Manage the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  • Use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
  • Describe advisory framework
  • Set alert thresholds
  • Use server-generated alerts
  • Use automated tasks

Performance Management       

  • Use Enterprise Manager pages to monitor performance
  • Use the SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Use the SQL Access Advisor
  • Use Automatic Shared Memory Management
  • Use the Memory Advisor to size memory buffers
  • Use performance related dynamic views
  • Troubleshoot invalid or unusable objects

Backup and Recovery Concepts          

  • Identify the types of failure that may occur in an Oracle Database
  • Describe ways to tune instance recovery
  • Identify the importance of checkpoints, redo log files, and archived log files
  • Configure ARCHIVELOG mode

Performing Database Backups

  • Create consistent database backups
  • Back your database up without shutting it down
  • Create incremental backups
  • Automate database backups
  • Monitor the flash recovery area

Performing Database Recovery           

  • Recover from loss of a control file
  • Recover from loss of a redo log file
  • Perform complete recovery following the loss of a data file

Performing Flashback             

  • Describe Flashback database
  • Restore the table content to a specific point in the past with Flashback Table
  • Recover from a dropped table
  • View the contents of the database as of any single point in time with Flashback Query
  • See versions of a row over time with Flashback Versions Query
  • View the transaction history of a row with Flashback Transaction Query

Moving Data    

  • Describe available ways for moving data
  • Create and use directory objects
  • Use SQL*Loader to load data from a non-Oracle database (or user files)
  • Explain the general architecture of Data Pump
  • Use Data Pump Export and Import to move data between Oracle databases
  • Use external tables to move data via platform-independent files


What Our Customers Say
  • It was wonderful class. Philip is a great instructor. He has full energy and presents the information in an exciting way. He was very open to us asking questions as well as very good about answering the questions during the class. He kept the class interesting and was a pleasant time to learn. You are the best.

    Tam phan
  • I recently took training in a course and i’m fully satisfied with it. The instructor have indepth knowledge in their subject, and they teach according to our pace. They also give guidence in the resume and give consulting towards job search. I would definetly reccomend this institute to my friends and anyone who is looking for some courses to learn.

    Lakshmi Nanduri
  • The instructor Murthy Raju was very conversant of the subject. He was very patient with us and was always concerned with the progress of the students. Thanks

    Eni B
  • I has taken this class for 2 months and I still want to learn more from him. He is very kind and has a lot of experience in Account field. I would recommend you to take his class for more experience to help your work easier. Thank you for reading my comments.

    Lina Q Nguyen
  • Thanks Philip. I finally got a great job offered after 2 weeks the class finished. The interview went great, and I had all the answers to the point. All the time you spent to help me to master the Quickbook software and reinforce the accounting procedures are all well paid off. Thanks again. I would recommend anyone wants to get help with QB Desktop or QBO and accounting should come to learn from you. Keep it up.

    John Ruger
  • I took the QuickBooks training and I enjoyed the class because Mr. Philip was very helpful. He took his time to explain how to use the software by using practical examples. I encourage anyone who wants to learn QB to use A Plus USA LLC.

    Laura E
  • Awesome class, and great instructor. The instructor was well plan his class and follow his plan as it is that makes his teaching easy to understand and interesting to learn. He also brings his own real industry knowleshe and experience incorporate in class that is a plus to me. I really enjoyed learning, and I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn Quick book and accountimg

    Metro CPS
  • Hi my name Samatha and I took Quickbooks training in A Plus-USA LLC. Instructor Mr.Philip is a good Instructer. His teaching was really helpful and practical hands on training like office environment. I learned lot from this course. I would like to recommend everyone should take training in this institute who interested in Quickbooks.

    samatha gera
  • Outstanding in methodologies of training. Good learning resources and the trainers are the best so far. The course fees are very friendly and affordable I’d recommended this training institution to anyone looking for a place to learn on demand courses.

    Daniel murimi
  • Very satisfied with the course the instructor was very helpful and they were very respectful about the day of the week that you would select.

    Anas Butt
  • I recently took training on Sharepoint tools from this company. The trainer comes with rich knowledge and industry experience, taught the course with ease, was accessible and very responsive to questions. I would recommend the trainer.

    Lalitha Jampana
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    Kwadwo Frimpong badu
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    Jimmy Saji
  • I will recommend this organization any day for your IT trainings my instructor was highly knowledgeable of subject matter, attended to all of my questions and he was greatly flexible…. Thank you Prasad

    Fredrick Akinsete
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    Semiu Suleiman
  • Very helpful Team. Always ready to help you. Knowledgeable and Excellent trainer that give you a real life examples. Trainer explain very clearly and in detail. I am very satisfied with the training process.

    Bhumika Goswami
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    Tech Cracker
  • Very good instructor!
    Piyush teaches with ease, very knowledgeable in the networking field.
    An online one on one training with flexible shedule, and you get each recorded sessions.

    Kilode ha
  • It’s nice learning with A PLUS USA LLC . The trainer is helpful and knowledgeable.Thanks for scheduling the sessions according to my availability

    Vasanti Kulkarni
  • I had my SAP FICO course with Aplus USA, the delivery is in-depth, clear communication and the Tutor displayed mastery of the subject matter

    Emmanuel Adesanya
  • highly recommend the A Plus USA , all sessions are made for my convenience , the instructor is highly experienced and flexible, the all staff are awesome, I definitely recommend Mr.Prakash for C# program and i want to thank him

    Kanny Ghafour

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